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Louisiana Instant Payday Loans

Everything you should know about same day personal usecured loans in LA, US

Real User Stories

It’s not a secret that quick cash loans are typically used by the less financially protected categories of citizens. For some people a short term loan with a relatively high APR rate is oftentimes the only access to financial solutions. And the reasons for obtaining the loan are, sadly, not buying a brand-new TV or a fancy jacket that went on sale. As a rule, people have hard times with repaying their previous loans, covering the unexpected expenses on medications and household issues. A car breakage is one of the most common reasons for requesting the loans. And unfortunately, there’s a category of loan purposes that has little to do with reasonable money management – gambling, alcohol and drugs form a small subcategory of loan purposes. In this article we have gathered real stories of real people that have resorted to quick cash loan solutions at various stages of their lives.


Martin Borowski, a 38 years old immigrant from Poland who has entered the country 3 years ago has taken the loan to deal with his Prius battery issue. ‘I’ve bought a car really cheaply. Penny wise, pound foolish. 1,000 miles after it just refused to start. I drive Uber and work part-time, so I couldn’t quit doing rides as it was my second source of income. I was running low on cash and didn’t manage to build a perfect credit score in the US yet. So I’ve made my mind to get the fast cash loan to deal with the issue fast’. Martin has got his money credited to his debit card the next day ($800). ‘That amount I was offered was not enough to cover the entire repair, but at least I’ve got a decent ground to make both ends meet’. Martin has repaid his loan in 2 weeks with no penalties.


Jayden Johnson, a 52 years old sales assistant, had no other option but to get a short term loan to repair her heating system. ‘My credit score leaves much to be desired. I was not really wise financially in the past years, and my credit score has gone through the floor’. The repair company has estimated the leakage fixing at $550 with the possible increase up to $1,200. Jayden was provided a short term loan in 1 business day, but she had to wait the entire weekend, as she filed the application on Friday. ‘They have fixed everything for $700, and I was granted $1,000. Fortunately, it was not the worst case scenario. I have repaid my loan with no penalties in 3 days till before the deadline. I had to pay 30% from the initial amount I borrow, but that was the cost of not getting frozen at my place’.


Jean Lu, a student of a college, told her laptop was broken 3 weeks before her exams. She needed the replacement urgently and short term loan was her only chance. ‘I just decided to give it a try – if not, well, I’ll be looking for something else. And surprisingly, I was granted $500. I headed to BestBuy the next day and got my replacement there’. Jean had no problems with repaying her loan. ‘I work part time at the bar. Those were my lucky day to collect so many tips that I made the repayment in just 2 weeks’.