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Everything you should know about same day personal usecured loans in LA, US

New Iberia Payday Loans Online

Payday loans exist to make your life easier. At the same time, our lending service exists to provide all residents of New Iberia with said loans on the highly advantageous conditions and in full compliance with the active legislation. Since the law of the state forbids great loans, we specialize in short-term average cash advances. Our central aim is to make sure you can always receive your loan mere hours after you realize you need a proper solution of your financial problems.

Payday Loans in New Iberia: Bad Credit OK, Instant Application

The active laws regulating the credit terms in Louisiana have a number of unique significant features. The most important thing is that, unlike most states, which strictly forbid taking more than one loan, Louisiana does not limit the number of loans you can get. Every loan is considered a single separate deal. Consequently, you have to pay one NSF fee for each loan you take even when you decide you need multiple loans.

The maximum term offered by our online service is equal to the legally established one – you cannot borrow money for longer than 60 days. In addition, it is impossible to extend, renew or rollover the loan, bluntly put, there is no legal basis for such claims. However, you can borrow money after you repay at least 25% of the previously taken loan plus an additional fee.

As a client-oriented company, we lean toward mutually beneficial relations with our customers, so we choose rather not to disturb them with bank statements. You also must not worry about faxed papers – all transactions are handled online.

New Iberia Cash Advance

According to the law, you cannot borrow more than $350, which is an average limit within the country. A standard documentation fee is 10% plus 16.75%. For instance, when you borrow $100 for two weeks, you have to pay $30 of the finance charge with 780% APR. Of course, you can also consider the possibility of selecting various terms and sums as long as they are within the legally established limits.

As for the actual application process, it usually takes no more than ten minutes of filling an online application, including actually sending your ID and bank account number, signing the deal and waiting for a reply. Once you deal with the said formalities, you can relax and wait for your money. The requested sum will be sent to the account you select within 24 hours.