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Everything you should know about same day personal usecured loans in LA, US

Real User Stories

If you’re experiencing troubles with medical bills, credit cards, or even your mortgage, one of the most effective solutions would be to find a lender. But of course, you do not want just any lender, the same as they, too, prefer a good credit history in their clients. What we do here, at, is offering an opportunity to not wait in vain but try and have a look at various loan propositions. In particular, this concerns mortgages and utility bills: people often stay passive for too long, and getting more and more delinquent as to the point where lenders cannot work with them. Hesitation is hardly an option when money is getting tight and the problem needs to be solved one way or another.

But what about those people who did choose to go to a lender? How did their lives change? On this page, we provide you with some stories of our users whose life called for a cash advance and how it all settle in the end.


Gilbert Jungerman, who recently turned 20, had an ambitious mobile software project, which he wanted to kickstart on his own. “My friends kept telling me I needed a business loan but they do not understand my market niche as I do. Mobile platforms often offer a booming success, where one application gets sold to thousands of users in a matter of days. And when you have something more than just faith in your project, I mean, I KNEW my idea was good, why bother getting into complex business loan agreements? So, lend or not to lend – that is the question.” Gilbert did so well that he was able to return his loan two days before the deadline.


Cornelia Lindsey, 42 years old housewife, who moved in Denham Springs, Louisiana, a couple of years ago was faced with an utterly sudden and unpleasant gambling debt of her husband. “You might think that the gambling problems of your loved ones cannot catch you unawares but they mostly (and shockingly) do. It’s like an inner disease, of which it’s carrier is ashamed and so he allows it to spread until it’s too late. My husband, as it may be expected, had a horrible credit history, that’s why I had no choice but to take the loan responsibility on my shoulders.” Cornelia borrowed $1000 and put them on the installment plan, as it was the only option for her to not default the loan. “I think, he was crushed when I showed him the loan check. He was lost in hope and there was this straw I offered. He immediately went for some jobbing”. Cornelia and her husband did a good job of returning the loan on time.


Martin Borowski, a 38 years old immigrant from Poland who has entered the country 3 years ago has taken the loan to deal with his Prius battery issue. ‘I’ve bought a car really cheaply. Penny wise, pound foolish. 1,000 miles after it just refused to start. I drive Uber and work part-time, so I couldn’t quit doing rides as it was my second source of income. I was running low on cash and didn’t manage to build a perfect credit score in the US yet. So I’ve made my mind to get the fast cash loan to deal with the issue fast’. Martin has got his money credited to his debit card the next day ($800). ‘That amount I was offered was not enough to cover the entire repair, but at least I’ve got a decent ground to make both ends meet’. Martin has repaid his loan in 2 weeks with no penalties.


Jayden Johnson, a 52 years old sales assistant, had no other option but to get a short term loan to repair her heating system. ‘My credit score leaves much to be desired. I was not really wise financially in the past years, and my credit score has gone through the floor’. The repair company has estimated the leakage fixing at $550 with the possible increase up to $1,200. Jayden was provided a short term loan in 1 business day, but she had to wait the entire weekend, as she filed the application on Friday. ‘They have fixed everything for $700, and I was granted $1,000. Fortunately, it was not the worst case scenario. I have repaid my loan with no penalties in 3 days till before the deadline. I had to pay 30% from the initial amount I borrow, but that was the cost of not getting frozen at my place’.


Jean Lu, a student of a college, told her laptop was broken 3 weeks before her exams. She needed the replacement urgently and short term loan was her only chance. ‘I just decided to give it a try – if not, well, I’ll be looking for something else. And surprisingly, I was granted $500. I headed to BestBuy the next day and got my replacement there’. Jean had no problems with repaying her loan. ‘I work part time at the bar. Those were my lucky day to collect so many tips that I made the repayment in just 2 weeks’.