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Everything you should know about same day personal usecured loans in LA, US

Terms and Conditions

personal finances managementWe are happy to know that more and more people educate themselves on financial security aspects. However, the rapidly growing number of solutions can now have an opposite effect on person’s credit score and financial state of affairs, that’s why it is so important to be fully aware of what this or that instrument is all about. At our website we publish numerous articles on how to be on the safe side of the road when it comes to finances management, and we provide info on the most effective tools to preserve your wealth, rebuild your credit score and deal with unexpected financial problems. Personal finances management is a complicated area. This is the case when reading terms and conditions is absolutely essential, and we encourage you to reading terms and conditions thoroughly on any instrument you are planning to use. And our website is not an exception.


We aggregate information from a variety of sources and work closely with a number of contributors to keep our website up to date. This way or the other, we underline the fact that we put every effort into making our content as unbiased and possible. We are not rewarded in any form by the services and products presented by the website – we run purely on a non-profit basis. However, to keep our project up and running we need a certain influx of funds, that’s why some of the materials presented could have a promotional nature. These funds are aimed at improving the editorial function and maintaining the current portal (including the costs on technical maintenance). In either event, to preserve our unbiased policy, we mark each promotional piece of content with labels ‘Sponsored by’, ‘Provided by our Sponsors’ or ‘News from our partners’.

APR rate

In the process of time we have found out that a large portion of daily traffic to our site is generated by payday loans queries. In the last few months we’ve moved further and expanded our short term loan section with more content and functional instruments (such as Instant APR Checker, short term loans finder that aggregates lenders in your local area and many more). When the borders between products in the web are shifting and get blurred, we would like to underline the importance of checking all the essential rules, as well as terms and conditions of the services you are using. Short term loans imply fixing the temporary problems with money and not designed for long term use. Even though the regulations in this area become tougher year after year, the loopholes for bypassing the laws are still there. You should be extremely careful when choosing this or that loan provider – make sure the total APR rate is not higher than that allowed by the regulations. Double check the terms on loan prolongation options, early repayments and loan repayment fees. At our website we aggregate the most trustworthy lenders, although we imply that you are responsible for the choice you are making.


Please, refer to our terms and conditions section and make sure it is clear to you. By using our website you give your agreement that you understand and accept our terms and conditions. Please, do not hesitate to contact on any matter or in case you need assistance with understanding this or that item of the T&A.